The Program

Basic Program Information (Plataforma Sucupira, CAPES)
Program name in English: Graduate Program in Engineering
Code Number: 42046017004P3
Basic Area: ENGENHARIA CIVIL (30100003)
Evaluation Area: ENGENHARIAS I
School Regime : SEMESTRAL
Recommendation data: 28/10/2010
Status: ON GOING
Graduate Program Evaluation: 3

Course Offered: Mestrado

Modality: Academic

Concentration Area: Material Technology and Environment

Research Fields:

Admission: Semestral

Duration: 24 meses

PROGRAM MANAGEMENT (09/2021-08/2023):

– Coordinator: Prof. Dr.  Jacson Weber de Menezes

– Substitute Coordinator :Prof. Dr. Luis Eduardo Kostesli

Comissão coordenadora

The Graduate Program in Engineering at Unipampa follows as goals the formation of qualified human resources, able to act as future researchers in teaching, reaserch and technological development institutions, as well as profissional in the private and public sectors. The ability the graduate student will master allows them to realize high level research and to resolve problems relevant for society, in the area of Materials and Environment, and Applications in Civil Construction. Beyond the research activities, instrinsic to a graduation program, the PPENG also forsee the realization of technical and scientific studies that might contribute to the scientific and technological progress of Mercosul, particularly, the south region of the Rio Grande do Sul State. These studies seek to attend the necessities for qualification labor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering. For these reasons, it is important to encourage the formation of future scientists in the area, through joint action with the undergraduation course in Civil Engineering, and others courses related with the knowledge fields of the Program, like Agriculture Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Material Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Food Engineering, Renewable Energy and Environmental Engineering,   Production Engineering, Chemistry, Physics and Matemathics Engineering.

Mission: PPEng’s mission is to train high quality human resources committed to increase the economic diversification of the region, to create added value products and intellectual maturity for the  regional, national and international sustainable development.

Vision: To be a reference in the training of qualified human resources and in the production of knowledge and technology in the regions of the Pampa Gaúcho, which is comprised by the south and west borders of Rio Grande do Sul State and the Mercosur countries near Alegrete (Argentina and Uruguay).

Graduate Profile:

The PPEng has the duty to give the chance of a solid academic formation, wide and emancipatory, to the students in his field areas. The human resources formation is focused on the application of the scientific method in problem solving, together with a wide understanding of research processes, development and innovation.In this way, the graduates from the PPENG program will be able to realize studies, develop his/her own methods, techniques and tools to implement solutions  in the different áreas of Civil and Environmental Engineering.  As the research topics and the projects developed  in the program attend the local demanda, the graduates will be able to contribute with the regional needs.

Requirements for the Master Segree:

* The thesis difense will be authorized only after the conclusão of all the requirements stated above.