4. Courses And Offer 2016 / I | Programa de Pós-Graduação em Ciências Farmacêuticas (PPGCF)

4. Courses And Offer 2016 / I


In the Graduate Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences, the student must fulfill 24 credits, 7 of compulsory courses and activities and 17 subjects and elective activities.


Compulsoty Courses

UR5301 – Graduate Teaching

UR5302 – Postgraduate Seminars

UR5315 – Thesis

UR5114 – Foreign language test

UR5314 – Co-supervision of undergraduate research


Elective Courses

UR5303 – Statistics

UR5304 – Development and validation of analytical methods

UR5305 – Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology

UR5306 – Development and quality control of modified release pharmaceutical forms

UR5307 – Advanced Chromatography

UR5308 – Stability testing for drug substances and products

UR5309 – Spectroscopic methods of analysis

UR5310 – Drug Design and Discovery

UR5311 – Purification and isolation of compounds from plant extracts

UR5312 – Advanced methods in toxicology of raw material, biocompounds and drugs

UR5313 – Methods of drugs preclinical evaluation

UR5314 – Co-supervision of undergraduate research

UR5316 – Pharmacokinetics