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The Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering (PPGEE) at the Federal University of Pampa (UNIPAMPA),  Alegrete Campus, started its activities in 2010 with the Academic Master’s course in Electrical Engineering. In 2020 there was a major reformulation of the program, with an update in the areas of concentration and lines of research, in addition to the inclusion of new professors.

UNIPAMPA’s PPGEE is organized into two areas of concentration: Information and Communication Technology and Energy Processing. These areas include research lines  that are related and complement each other, forming a coherent set with high growth potential. The focus is on training professionals with a strong technical and scientific profile and with an innovative and entrepreneurial bias. Integration with PampaTec through topics of interest in research and innovation allows students to have direct contact with the productive sector in the areas of microelectronics, telecommunications, computer networks, signal processing, software development, power electronics, control systems , renewable energies and electric power systems, allowing the application of concepts and techniques to solve problems of regional, national and worldwide scope.

The target audience of those entering the Master in Electrical Engineering at PPGEE are graduates from undergraduate courses in Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science or similar courses.

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