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Concentration Area and Research Area

Concentration area: Language and Teaching

Every educational process is permeated by the development of reading and writing skills situated, from the early years of schooling, to higher education. Language is a primordial resource for the appropriation of legitimate knowledge and for its re-elaboration in the innovation and production of new knowledge. Thus, the fundamentally applied research developed in this program will not be unrelated to the educational results presented by the various external assessment instruments that today students of Basic Education and Higher Education (Prova Brasil, ENEM, SAERS, SAEB, PISA, ENADE) , etc.) are submitted. It is the program’s commitment not only to describe the linguistic and educational realities in which these students are inserted, but also to intervene in these realities, through research that contributes significant findings to a social, cultural and intellectual change of these subjects.

Research areas: (as of May 2018):

Language teaching and learning (mother tongue and additional) in multiple contexts:
Description: This line investigates the process of teaching and learning mother tongue and additional languages, establishing a relationship between theoretical and empirical perspectives regarding formal, literary, interactional and acquisition issues, in multiple teaching contexts.

Reading and writing in school practices:
Description: This line investigates the reading and writing processes in different supports from theoretical approaches in the fields of language, literature and education.