Selection Process 2021/1 | Programa de Pós-Graduação em Engenharia Elétrica – PPGEE

Selection Process 2021/1

Applications are closed.

Beginning of classes on March 22, 2021.

Full notice:

Read the FAQ below and better understand the selection process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the registration requirements?

To enroll in the selection process for the Master degree in Electrical Engineering at UNIPAMPA, it is enough to have completed a degree in an area related to the program (Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Systems Analysis and Development, etc.);

Those who have not yet graduated but are expected to complete their graduation by the beginning of the master’s classes can also apply, simply by presenting a certificate of probable graduate.

How many candidates will be admitted?

14 students will be admitted in this selection process. Classes start on March 22, 2021.

What do I need to send for registration?

Undergraduate school records;
Curriculum (Lattes model);
Copy of documents, such as graduation diploma, identity card and CPF;
Research pre-project;

How will the selection be made?

The selection will be made through the analysis of the academic record, the Lattes curriculum and the research pre-project.

What is the research pre-project?

The research pre-project must be prepared by the candidate and sent when applying for the selection process. It must have a maximum of 5 pages and must follow the script:

a) title;
b) name of the candidate;
c) electronic address of the candidate’s Lattes curriculum;
d) intended advisor;
e) line of research;
f) summary;
g) introduction;
h) justification;
i) objectives;
j) materials and methods;
k) expected results;
l) schedule;
m) bibliographic references.

On a date to be scheduled with the candidate, the research pre-project must be presented by videoconference for an evaluation panel. The referees will evaluate the following aspects:

  • mastery of the technical content contained in the pre-project;
  • the consistency between theme, problem and objectives with the methodology and the schedule;
  • the coherence of the pre-project with the line of research and subareas of interest.

How do quotas work?

Of the 14 selected candidates, two will have origin from the quota holders: one for UNIPAMPA administrative technicians and another for blacks, people with disabilities or indigenous people. Check the bidding documents for additional documents that must be sent if you choose to compete in the spaces reserved for quota holders.

Can foreigners apply?

Yes. In this case, the applicant must send a copy of the passport or National Migration Registration Card among the registration documents.

What else do I need to know?

You need to carefully read the full announcement of the selection process, which contains details of all stages of the process, important dates and the complete documentation to be sent.

On the PPGEE website there is information about the course, such as general information, lines of researchlist of professors and course syllabus.

I still have doubts. How to get them out?

Contact the course coordinator by emailing