The history of the course

2012 – Headquartered at the Federal University of Pampa Santana do Livramento Campus, Rio Grande do Sul, the postgraduate program began, in 2012, the work of a group of UNIPAMPA professors, linked to the Administration area, to develop a proposal for graduate stricto sensu. The proposal for the creation of this Masters Course was mainly motivated by the increase in the number of new professors entering the Campus in 2011, who have specialized knowledge in the area of ​​Administration.

2013 – In 2013, the Master of Business project was approved by the University’s internal committees to be submitted to CAPES.

2014 – One year later, in 2014, the project is submitted to the APCN / CAPES notice. In April 2014, PPGA was approved by CAPES.

2015 – In November and December 2015, the first PPGA UNIPAMPA selection process was held.

2016 – With the entry of 10 academics in 2016, began the activities of the Master of Business Administration of UNIPAMPA. The Strategy and Development Magazine – RED was launched and it has open submissions and already has two issues released. The program also has an annual event that takes place in October, the Strategy and Development Symposium – SIED aims to bring together works that deal with strategies and regional development.

2017- This year was the first selection with vacancies for quota holders.

2018 – The program held the third edition of SIED. Future program planning actions were initiated.

2019 – In the first semester, the first academic week of the PPGA was held.