Research Group of Organizations and Development Studies

The Research Group of  Organizations and Development Studies began its activities at the end of 2015 and is open to anyone interested in the academic community.

The project has the participation of teachers and students of undergraduate and postgraduate stricto sensu campus Santana do Livramento and people from the Border Community. It aims to discuss the issue of development, its determinants and characteristics and the role of organizations in achieving it.

Among the actions that have been collectively organized by the group, the following deserve special mention:

Productive Conversations: Regional entrepreneurs are invited to share their stories and their ventures and their vision of the region’s development, as well as their role in achieving this vision.
Environment Week: event organized with the objective of working on themes related to environmental preservation and sustainable development. It is open to the border community and had its first edition in 2019.
Group Collective Research: This is an activity that is still under discussion, but which intends to use the group’s knowledge to carry out broader research on objects related to the group’s lines of research. A first initiative in 2019 was held at the 6th Frontera: Binational Enogastronomy Festival.

For more information about the group just contact Prof. Debora Nayar Hoff, by email –